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January 29, 2007 / missknowitall

Used headaches

Dear Little Miss,

I bought a used treadmill and some silicone spray to make it run smoother, as the previous owner suggested, but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference.  Should I buy a lubricant especially for treadmills?  How can I know how much resistance is normal, and how much improvement should I reasonably expect?

Dear Standing Still,

A movie I once watched had a great line it it that went:  “When you buy a used car you are just buying somebody else’s headaches”.  I think that line goes for buying anything used.  Your treadmill may need anything from new parts, a tune up, or a trip to the dumpster.  I would suggest calling several exercise equipment places and find out if they know of places that repair treadmills; then call the repair people and get their opinions and estimates.  You may find that it would be more cost/time effective to get rid of this treadmill and get a new one, or a better used one.  A tip for buying anything used:  If the person selling it to you tells you that it only needs a little ——- (whatever) to get it running “as good as new”, he is most likely blowing smoke; because, if it were that easy to fix, he would have done it himself and kept it or sold it for more money.  

Look on the bright side, you have a really good excuse for not exercising today =).

Miss Knowitall


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