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February 6, 2007 / missknowitall

Diet Suicide

Dear Little Miss,

I just can’t seem to stay motivated. I make my own challenges to lose
weight, but once something bothers me, I take it out on myself by
scarfing down a Wendy’s Frosty, or the ice-cream in my freezer. How
can I stay motivated and stay off the binging?

Dear Body Punisher,

You are doing what I like to call “diet suicide”.  It is an easy, selfish form of punishment.  If you really wanted to “take it out on yourself” you would do something hard or something you don’t like doing.  It isn’t so hard to eat ice cream, and it sure tastes good, but you are doing it to punish yourself, right?  It punishes you because it makes you dislike yourself afterwards and it simultaneously punishes those around you.  They have to watch as you destroy your body.  Well, I have myself committed diet suicide on several occasions and each time I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could have the Hollywood ledge-jumper scene in my kitchen?  I think I could keep myself from jumping into the cookie jar if, behind me, I had the whole fire department, several cop cars with lights flashing, hundreds of bystanders gasping in anxious horror, a spotlight shining on me, and a therapist shouting through a megaphone, “Just stay calm.  Cookies are not the answer”.  While probably an effective diet plan I don’t think it would be cost effective, or, for that matter, even possible (my kitchen is rather small).  But here is something you can do.  In therapy, people with suicidal tendencies are required to set up a network of support people to call.  Whenever they start thinking suicidal thoughts they have to call these people and say “I feel suicidal”, then, they need to talk their way through their feelings with that person.  You should set up such a network for yourself.  Find a good friend (or two) who you can call, and who will promise to talk you out of binging.  Some other tips that are taught in therapy that you should put into action are:

1.     Know that the binging isn’t the problem.  It just feels or seems to be the only answer.  Choose a different answer for yourself.  Instead of comforting or punishing yourself (and others) by destroying your body, choose to vent by cleaning, exercising, organizing something, yoga, meditation, or making a list of all you should be grateful for in life.

2.     Get outside.  Go for a walk or do yard work.  Try it, you’ll be surprised what a little fresh air will do.

3.     Go to sleep, you may be fatigued and not even realize it.  Fatigue causes serious loss of decision making abilities and self control.


Miss Knowitall     



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  1. krobby / Feb 7 2007 1:10 pm

    I’ve been dieting for a while and I find keeping things around that satisfy my cravings, but are less than 100 calories works great. Find really good popcicles, or 100 calories jello pudding snacks, you can freeze them and its just like ice cream!

  2. Diet Forum / Jul 26 2007 11:06 am

    I have just seen a blog where some one lost weight while knitting. They found that it kept them occupied during the evening and stopped them snacking. I imagine the same could be applied to reading a good book.

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