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February 7, 2007 / missknowitall

HELP: Need More Questions!

To everyone that has been watching this site grow.  “Thank you”, to all of you that have given me questions and who have shared this site with friends and family.  I really, honestly appreciate it.  I’ve been having such a great time doing this.  However, I am starting to run out of questions again.  I have just barely enough to see me through this week but I have already recycled a very old question to make that happen.  SO, if you love me =), PLEASE send me some more questions.  I don’t even care if you just make them up.  Ask your husbands if they can think of any to ask.  Ask your parents, or your children. if you can understand your dog I’ll even accept pet questions.  You can write me a question in any of the comment boxes on this site, or you can email me at my regular email address, or you can email a question to

littlemissadvice at gmail dot com

Thanks again for all the support! 


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  1. Nice categorized site. Navigation is cool!

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