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March 5, 2007 / missknowitall

Picky, Picky, Picky!

Dear Little Miss,

What should I fix for dinner tonight?  My husband is so picky it drives me nuts… if it’s not something he likes (which has to be fattening and sugary, and no, I don’t know why he’s not fat), he gets grumpy and leaves the dinner table.  I have a child that must eat pureed foods, and 2 kids that are also very picky, and then there is me who just wants something healthy.  Help!!!

Dear Dinner Dilemma,

I think pickiness has become a new nation wide epidemic.  I mean, back in my day we had to eat kidney beans and rice almost every other day and if we complained we were made to feel guilty about the starving children in every other country.  I don’t remember being allowed to complain that my ketchup was touching my green beans.  Now a-days my kids won’t touch anything that has sauce on it, anything that is mixed together, anything unrecognizable, and not one of my kids likes what the other one likes.  I think the problem is that our kids aren’t starving, and none of us are willing to make our kids eat what we had to eat when we were kids.  So, what can you do without having to make 5 different dinners every night?  Include the family in your dinner making decisions.  Give everyone a night of the week to be in charge of dinner.  Have them make the menu (a good time to teach about nutrition and food groups), you could even have them help make it too, including your husband.  You can always make salads for yourself to make their dinners healthier.  And if they complain about the dinner served on your night then just remind them that if they want you to be polite and nice about the dinner they pick, then they need to be respectful about the dinner you pick.  For the other nights of the week try serving make-your-own dinners.  Our family LOVES make-your-own sandwich night, MYO taco night, MYO pizza, MYO whatever.  I just put all the makin’s on the table and let them create while I enjoy my spinach and onion pizza with red pepper flakes (yum!).  And if you get anymore flack from your sugar baby (husband) then just serve him a doughnut covered in gravy to eat with your steamed fish and asparagus dinner.

Bon Appetite!

Miss Knowitall   



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  1. Little Miss Know It All / Mar 14 2007 9:02 am

    Well, nice to see that I’m not the only LMKIA! 😛

    Another great way to get picky kids to eat dinner without playing short order cook is to return to “passing” dinner. Make a meal you want to eat, and put one dish on the table for everyone. So say I make pot roast. DH loves that, DD tolerates it, my DS is autistic and won’t touch it. I put green beans on for DD, bread rolls for DS and something else for me. Sure, its not four food groups every meal. But quickly they learn to eat up, or they’ll be hungry. Make it clear there will be no arguing, no pressure to eat. (You will not sit there going “Just one more bite, please!”) Make dessert a condition of eating what they take. Put all the burden on them, let them make choices. This works with any kids over the age of 3, and is a bonified therapy, part of the Picky Eaters program. It works!

  2. Karen DeBow / Mar 15 2007 8:52 am

    Having a large family, I couldn’t possibly make everyone happy. So I made the rule that if someone didn’t like what I fixed, they could have a peanut butter and honey sandwich – no other substitutes. That way I didn’t feel guilty about them going hungry. One of my boys lived off those sandwiches for the first 6 years of his life. Finally, tiring of those, he started “experimenting” with what I fixed and ended up through the years liking most of it.

  3. Cara Fletcher / May 5 2007 5:44 am

    You should try to talk with your husband and tell him this is driving you crazy.My two children are picky eaters too but with some persistence I taught them to eat everything.

  4. Claire / Aug 9 2007 4:39 pm

    Yes. There is such a thing as adult picky eating though you know. It’s an actual condition. We can’t help it. I’ve never eaten a fruit or a veg my whole life long. There’s actually quite a lot of us out there, check my blog if you don’t believe me…

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