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March 7, 2007 / missknowitall

Why A Friend Won’t Be “More Than a Friend”

Dear Little Miss,
My friends tell me I have very cute hair and a nice body but they never want to be my girlfriend. What should I do to get them to like me as more than a friend?

Dear Mr. Cute Hair,

So, you are trying to cross that fine line between having friends-who-are-girls and girlfriends, huh?  Let me enlighten you as to how a woman’s mind works in this situation.  Despite Hollywood, and pretty much ever fairytale ever read to us, we women are smart enough to understand that 99% of all our romantic relationships are going to end (50%-90% of those endings will be major crash and burns that will leave us scorched).  Therefore it should come as no surprise to you that these female friends of yours don’t want to change their relationship with you because it pretty much guarantees the end of your relationship with them, period.  If they date other men who have been their friends it means that they didn’t truly care about them to begin with.  The only time a woman will sacrifice a true male-friend to romance is if she honestly feels it could lead to marriage or forever.  My advice to you is to stop scoping out your friends for girlfriends and start asking them to help you find one.  Girls love playing match maker and I’m sure they will do their darnedest to make sure you have a date on Friday night.  

Take this from a girl who married a friend,

Miss Knowitall   


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  1. Neal Duncan / Mar 7 2007 5:17 pm

    Thansk so much! i couldn’t agree with your reasoning any more.

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