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March 12, 2007 / missknowitall

Keeping Prom Magical

Dear Little Miss:
High School “Prom” and all the ramifications that go with it has really changed since I was in high school 20 years ago. What advice would you give my oldest son, who has been asked to join a group of friends in attending the Prom, how to make the most of the situation. He’s not on an “official” date with anyone in the group. But he really, really likes one of the girls in the group going.

First Time Prom Mom

Dear Prom Mom,

I wouldn’t say that prom has really changed all that much since you were in high school.  It is still supposed to be an amazing evening of fun, excitement, and spending lots of money.  I think there is even still that hope of achieving something magical.  If I had your son in front of me, and if he was willing to take off his head phones (or ear buds, I’m not sure what they are called these days) and listen to an “old timer” like myself then I would tell him this:

Think about what you would like to have happen on Prom Night, then start making plans so that those things will happen.  Do you want to be noticed?  Then wear the funkiest suit you can find and dye your hair magenta.  Do you want to make-out afterwards?  Then hang out with the girls who are expecting that kind of treatment.  Do you want to waste the entire evening?  Then sit around acting too cool to enjoy yourself.  Do you want to create a little romance?  Then treat your date like a princess. 

If he really wants something special to happen between him and this other young lady then he needs to know how to treat a young lady right.  If they are supposed to be going as group then he shouldn’t get her a corsage because the other girls will be left out.  He could however take her a bouquet of flowers before the dance and let her know that it will be her presence in particular that will make this a magical evening, and that he hopes she will honor him with more than one dance.  Also, if he really really likes this girl then he should not try to make-out on prom night!  Save that for a Friday night dance or after going to the movies.  The way to really impress a girl is to treat her as if she is so special to you that just being around her is enough.  Be amazed at the way she looks, tell her she is a great dancer, be interested in her, tell her what you admire about her.  Tell her jokes and open the door for her.  I don’t care how “modern” things are these days, chivalry will always be sexy.  And if it all bombs in his face and it turns out the girl is madly in love with his best friend… well, at least it will have been dramatic.  No, at least he can say he tried and he won’t be stuck wondering, “What if?”, or thinking, “If only I had…” etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t waste it.

Wishing your son a wonderful Prom Night,

Miss Knowitall


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