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March 16, 2007 / missknowitall

Cool Sisters Should Be Acknowledged

Dear Little Miss,

So, I was wondering. If I have one of the coolest sisters in the world who is always helping people out, and doing kind things for them, should I tell her thanks and that she is cool, or should she just expect that everyone loves her?   ’Cause I was, like, going for the “thank her, and tell her she’s cool” part. Wad-a-ya say?

Dear Wad-a-ya,

With a sister that awesome I would think you could even go beyond the “thanks and you’re cool” level of affectionate acknowledgement.  If I were you, I would take this coolest sister out to lunch and be absolutely interested in her the whole time.  Tell her all of your favorite memories about her, and in what way she has helped you become the man you are today.  And It wouldn’t hurt if you were to make and wear a t-shirt that says “I’m taking my coolest sister in the world out to lunch today” on the front and back of it.  I know that if I were ever lucky enough to have one of my brothers do this for me, I would brag about it for years to come.  So, drop any manly pretenses, make the t-shirt, and show your sister how much you love her.

That’s wad-a-I-ya say.

Miss Knowitall 


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