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March 22, 2007 / missknowitall

Should He Sit Or Should He Stand?

*** Here is another potty training one.  I think potty training is one of the toughtest parts of raising kids (definitely the grossest!).  If you want to see something different, then start sending in those questions (hint, hint)***

Dear Little Miss,

At some point I need to potty train my little boy who is now two.  Is it best to teach them to use the bathroom standing up or sitting down?  For obvious reasons, I don’t want to Google this to find some answers.

Dear Planning Ahead,

I don’t blame you for not Googling this one.  I’ve had too many innocent searches go very bad.  I’ve learned never to “search” the internet when my kids are watching, for that very reason.  As for your question, it really depends on a few things.  For starters, are you training him on the regular toilet, or on a potty chair?  It can be really tricky for a little guy to aim into something as low as a potty chair when he is just starting out.  So if you are training him with a potty chair, I say teach him to sit and tuck it down.  They need to learn to do it this way anyway for when they go #2 (that is code for poop, in case any of the uninitiated are reading this).  If you are going to train him on the regular toilet, then it is just a matter of whether he is tall enough to get it over the rim.  If he is tall enough, then by all means teach him to do it both ways.  I will give you some extra advice here simply because I had to learn this the hard way.  Make sure you teach him to point it down when he sits because the stream CAN shoot between that small gap between the seat and the base.  Also, some public bathrooms have the C shaped seat instead of the full circle and if he isn’t pointing it down it can go straight through that opening too.  So, never stand in the line of fire, and always stand to the side when helping him to go potty =).

May all his streams be straight!

Miss Knowitall  


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  1. An Ordinary Mom / Mar 22 2007 1:19 pm

    Such helpful advice coming from the expert herself 🙂 . Thanks!

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