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April 4, 2007 / missknowitall

Losing 100 Forever

Dear Little Miss,

I have over 100 lbs. to lose and I need help. I think my weight is more than lbs. for me. I think it is a protection for me. Protection of what? I am not sure. I have been successful in losing weight before, but tend to find myself right back where I began after a few years. How do I lose weight and keep it off?
Scared to lose weight

Dear Scared to Loose,

I have know women who have used weight to “protect” themselves from various things.  Some use it to hide from men, or to punish their loved ones, or to have an excuse for not succeeding in life, etc…  But that usually only applies to women who do not want to lose their weight.  You may have let yourself gain this extra weight for some form of protection in the begining, but the fact that you have been trying to loose it now shows that you no longer need that “protection”.  Now, you want to lose it and keep off.  The questions is, “How?”.  Well I’m afraid you are not going to like the answer.  I know you are not going to like the answer, or you would have kept your weight off earlier.  You have to change.  That is the answer.  Your whole life has to change and you have to be willing to make it change and keep it changed.  Think about it, your schedule, your favorite spots in the house, your attitude, your interactions with people, your clothing, your wants and desires, your holidays, everything you do and think will have to change.  It isn’t simply about eating less, and loosing weight.  You have lived life a certain way for a long time to get to the point in life that you currently find yourself.  You could loose all the weight you want, but if your life stays the same, then your life-weight will come back.  I think that 100 pounds is a HUGE change to accomplish all at one time, and frankly would scare the ever lovin’ wits outta me.  I’ve known people who do it but they have literally become completely new people in every aspect of their lives.  Those that didn’t change, only lost, gained their weight back.  I suggest that you start out with 20 pounds.  Don’t just loose 20 pounds, but make the changes in your life to become a person who is twenty pounds lighter, forever.  Stay at that place for a year, or at least 6 months.  Then make the changes to become the kind of person who is another 20 pounds lighter.  It will take a long time doing it this way but it will give you enough time to adapt to the kind of lifestyle that skinnier people live.  You need to teach yourself to enjoy exercise, to find happy satisfaction in healthy foods.  Learn to disdain candy bars and fast food instead of just not eating them, be able to see sodas as a waste of your time, rather than as a happy feeling.  Be willing to embrace these kinds of changes.  It is hard.  I am still trying to convince myself that McDonalds is gross, but dang if their apple pies don’t keep changing my mind back again!   =)

Change your life-weight and your body-weight will change with you.  

Happy changing!

Miss Knowitall


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