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May 31, 2007 / missknowitall

Shy and Ugly

Dear Little Miss,

I am extremely shy and I know it is because I’m not pretty.  I feel like an ugly nerd and it keeps me from talking to people.  It is really ruining my life.  I try to tell myself not to care about my looks, but I can’t help it.  I can’t expect people to be my friend.  Is there anything I can do about this before I waster any more of my life?  Signed~ Ugly Duckling

Dear Swan,

I know how you feel, I was that way for about 5 years. I looked like the girl on Never Been Kissed when she looks in the mirror and sees her old self. My aunt, who is a beautician, took pity on me and gave me a little makeover (one that was easy to do myself). That gave me a good confidence boost because I learned that there were things I could do to improve my looks. Then I finally just decided that I would never be “Cover of a magazine pretty” so I stopped caring about my looks (beyond trying to look nice) and focused on just having fun and improving myself. In the end people prefer to be around fun, confident people more than they do around pretty people. There are lots of lonely beautiful people out there. SO, go get a makeover, maybe some new clothes, stop waiting to live life until you are pretty, get out there and have some fun. And when you meet another girl who is shy and feels ugly, be her friend and help her to be happy too.



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  1. Tirzah / May 31 2007 4:10 pm

    That is good advice! There is way too much emphasis on looks these days! We all have to learn to make ourselves happy from within, not from how we look on the outside! No matter how much we do to ourselves on the outside, we will still be the same person on the inside! I agress that a certain amount of confidence comes from looking nice and ready for the day, but most of it comes from yourself!

    (How do you like that every sentence I wrote has an excamation point after it?)!

  2. Colleen / Jun 3 2007 9:14 pm

    If you have your health, then be happy. I am disabled and have curvature of the spine. Not many friends, and no boyfriend ever. I just try to be kind and sweet. So, please know that if you have a straight back, then you are better off than me.

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