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July 3, 2007 / missknowitall

My Pregnant Girlfriend Is Pushing Me Away

Dear Little Miss,
My girlfriend is about 10 weeks pregnant and the mood swings are almost unbearable. She used to confide everything in me, but she barely talks to me anymore. She works an insane amount of hours and I am in college, so the only time we see each other is at night, and then she is always with our room mate. I’ve tried to talk to her in bed, cuddle, but most of the time I get rejected. I have no idea what is going on inside her head, and I really want to know. I’ve brought home flowers, I do all of the housework, I even leave crackers and water on her nightstand before i go to school. I’m stressed out and I don’t know what else to do!!!!

Dear Stretched,

You sound like every pregnant woman’s dream guy.  Thank you for being so kind to your lady.  Was this a planned pregnancy?  It could be that your girlfriend is feeling resentment or anger about being pregnant.  Even when a couple desperately wants a baby some can find that the sacrifices required are hard to bear.  As a modern, unmarried, working mother her mind may be reeling with thoughts like: “Now what will happen to my career possibilities.  Will I still be attractive?  Gosh, I feel so sick.  I wish he would stop being so nice to me, he has no idea what I’m going through.  What will happen to me now?”  Pregnancy and motherhood are very scary roles to someone who hasn’t set their life up for, and prepared for them.  Don’t stop being kind.  Do ask her if she would be willing to go to couples counseling with you, or at least ask her to help you help her by telling you what she is thinking.  If she starts ranting and raving and screaming at you, listen to what she says.  Don’t take it personally, but do realize that they are real fears, hurts, and frustrations for her.  Give her some space but be ready to catch her when she really needs someone to fall back on.  Many people say that they would be willing to die for their child.  Are you willing to stick around and suffer a temporarily insane woman while she figures out her new life so that you can be there for your child?  I hope so.

May you stretch a little further.

Miss Knowitall  


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